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A true fine boat hull with surprising performance and a spacious cockpit with the resilience to provide years of reliable service.​​

from £1399 ex VAT

GlideSkiff Sliding Seat Rowing boat

Spares and Accessories

GlideOne Single Scull

Our new  wooden rowing skiff boat. Multiple configuration options to accommodate one or two rowers or one rower with a passenger.

from £2999 ex VAT

​or £1399 ex VAT in kit form

A comprehensive range of great value accessories and replacement parts to help you customise your Glide boat and keep it looking great and working perfectly.

GlideSolo Single Scull

A multi-purpose sculling boat, the agile but stable hull makes it easy to row. Great for developing early technique and a comfortable boat for leisure rowing and touring.​​

from £1099 ex VAT