Replacement Bow Ball

​Alternative to the standard aluminium fin that fits straight into the recess for the standard fin box. For environments where there is increased risk of damage to a standard fin.

£19.20 ex VAT

Spares and Accessories               All prices include delivery to the UK mainland

Robust carry handles  attached  to the bow and stern  of your hull (including fixings)

Can only be fitted to the bow or stern of your Glide boat if it is already fitted with handle fixing points (see picture).

£4 each ex VAT

Mooring Eye

NutJob Rower's Spanner

Sculling Oars, Accessories and Spares

Boat Accessories and Spares

Made from tough self-adhesive white PVC tape, these patches will protect the backs of your blades from scuffing on the pontoon when you arrive back at the boat club. Each kit comprises two patches for each oar with one patch for the centre of the blade and a second for the joint between the blade and the shaft. Can be painted.

£5 per kit of 4 patches ex VAT

​Replacements for the two bungs supplied with the GlideSolo cockpit self-bailer:
Standard Scupper Bung    £8 ex VAT

​Self-bailing Scupper Bung​​​ £9 ex VAT

Standard GlideOne aluminium fin that fits the slot in the fin box.

£24.06 ex VAT

Never lose your hatch cover again! The Hatch Slinky is a nylon coil that attaches your hatch to the boat hull whilst allowing you to open the hatch fully as required to stow spare tops and any other gear. Fixings supplied to fit your Slinky to the hatch rim or to the inside of your hull.
(Colour may vary from that shown)​​.

£2 each ex VAT

Stabiliser Floats (including rigger brackets)

Replacement Collar

£4.00 ex VAT

Replacement handle [medium]. Grip can be removed so you can add your preferred alternative
​£12.50 ex VAT


Kavia bow ball with tough, durable internal frame with a softer tear-resistant outer manufactured using UV resistant thermoplastic. Designed to outlast traditional natural rubber alternatives whilst ensuring essential boat safety.

£9.31 each ex VAT

Carry Handles

Adjustable Sculling Oars

Replacement for the stern drainage bung (the one that screws into the hull) for all Glide models. Includes sealing ring.

£4.00 each ex VAT

GlideOne Heavy Duty PVC Fin

Sculling Oar Spares

Hatch Slinky (supplied with fixings)

Pair of adjustable sculling oars with "cleaver" style blades and blade tip protectors. Shafts constructed from a blend of fibreglass and carbon fibre to create a great value oar with a combination of weight, stiffness and durability for all round use.

£295 ex VAT

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GlideSolo Spring-loaded Fin

Replacement seat including chassis and wheels. Spongy seat pad that floats.

£73.15 each ex VAT

Replacement Spongy Seat

Great value compact rower's spanner made in the UK from laser-cut stainless steel. For 10mm and 13mm nuts plus wing nuts and extended nuts. Great for the clubhouse or keep them in your bag, on a lanyard or even bolt them to your footplate so it's there when you need it.

Pack Size      Pack Price (incl VAT and Delivery)

       1                £2.99

       5                £13.95   (£2.79 each)

       10              £25.90   (£2.59 each)

       25              £59.75   (£2.39 each)

Interested in using the NutJob for gifts, prizes or promotional items? We can supply them with a custom laser-etched design on one side. Contact us for details (minimum order 25).

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Replacement Drainage Bung (fits all models)

Replacement Inspection Hatch

Add a pair of ScullSox protective bags for your new sculling blades.

Heavy duty ripstop polyurethane with waterproof backing and              Orange

velcro closure                                                                                          Grey

£18 per pair ex VAT

All proceeds will be donated to Prostate Cancer Research. Registered Charity No: 1156027.

Top quality replacement for the 125mm inspection hatch in your Glide Boat.

£11.85 each ex VAT

Robust pair of stabilisers (white fleck polyethylene) that fit directly to the rigger via a robust precision-made aluminium bracket (included).​​​

​​£140 per pair ex VAT

Pair of extra float rackets (use your floats on more than boat)

£30 per pair ex VAT

GlideOne Standard Aluminium Fin

​Replacement for the spring-loaded fin that fits the bracket on the stern of your GlideSolo

29.79 ex VAT

Stainless steel mooring eye. Can only be fitted to the bow or stern of your

boat if it is already fitted with handle fixing points (see picture).

£4 each ex VAT

Blade Scuff Patch Kit

GlideSolo Scupper Bungs