Glide Boats Logo

Glide Boats was formed by rowers looking to provide good quality, affordable sculling boats that could withstand the rigours of frequent use.

This inspired us to think beyond the kinds of boats that were currently available and design and build our own based on a number of guiding principles:

Simplicity - Avoiding unnecessary complexity makes our boats easy to own, use and maintain.

Durability - Making our boats tough enough to withstand regular use and the associated wear and tear.

Participation - Key to a sustainable future for rowing as a sport and leisure activity is maximising access to suitable boats. For our part, this includes:

  • Affordability - Striving to make our boats great value and cost-effective for individuals and organisations.
  • Availability - As all our boats are manufactured and assembled in the UK, we can normally supply them immediately from stock and deliver them free throughout the UK mainland. No long lead times waiting for boats to be manufactured and shipped or endless trawling through the small ads.

Innovation - As we are not copying anyone else's boats, we are free to exploit ideas in design, materials and manufacture and challenge traditional approaches in pursuit of continuous improvement.

We want you to enjoy your rowing as much as we do.​​

Paul Godsafe, founder of Glide Boats