Length: 5.00m / 16ft 4"

Width: 75cm / 30"

​Hull weight 37Kg

Max load (approx): 105kg / 230 pounds

Material: marine grade high-density polyethylene

Price: £1599 + VAT
(incl. free delivery to UK mainland)

Made in the UK by leaders in their field

Durable – hard-wearing materials and robust components reduce the risk of damage and the need for maintenance and repair whilst allowing the boat to be stored outside all year round. All the major components are readily replaced and the Futures compatible fin box allows you to upgrade to the fin of your choice. 
Functional – the modern hull design allows for efficient progress on the water. The open stern ensures rapid self-draining and the integrated throw/tow line provides additional safety. A stowage rack at the stern allows to to carry additional kit and safety equipment in easy reach of the cockpit. Our standard aluminium wing rigger is already well-proven across the Glide range.
Affordable – the GlideTide presents great value, especially with our discounted boat+oars package and presents an attractive entry point to the sport of coastal rowing.
Available – we aim to deliver direct from stock, avoiding waiting lists, shipping delays or long searches through the small ads.


Designed for: touring & exploring coastal waters

A strongly built sculling boat designed specifically with the rigours of open water coastal rowing in mind. Includes a free draining open stern, adjustable footplate and integrated throw/tow line along with additional storage for your kit and drinks bottle.


Adjustable, quick-release aluminium wing


Underseat hatch + stern storage rack

Bow, stern and side carry handles

Open stern for rapid self-bailing

Futures (US) compatible fin

Integrated drink bottle holder

Padded seat (that floats!)

Adjustable footplate with flexi-feet

​Throw/tow line and mooring eye