Length: 4.00m / 13ft

Width: 70cm / 28"

​Hull weight 22Kg

Max load (approx): 95kg / 15 stones

Material: marine grade high-density polyethylene

Price: £1249 + VAT
(incl. free delivery to UK mainland)

Made in the UK by leaders in their field

See a short video of the GlideSolo in action:


Designed for: learning, leisure, touring & exploring sheltered coasts and rivers

A multi-purpose sculling boat, the agile but stable hull makes it easy to row and great for developing early technique and a comfortable boat for leisure rowing and touring.


Adjustable, quick-release aluminium wing


Underseat hatch + stern luggage rack

Bow, stern and side carry handles

Self-bailing cockpit

Spring-loaded fin

Integrated drink bottle holder

Padded seat (that floats!)

Durable PVC footplate, with straps and

heelcups as standard

Agile – novel hull design combining straight line performance with great turning ability.
Portable -  the lightweight compact hull with integrated carry handles is easy to carry to and from the water. The level saxboard and recessed rigger bracket mean you can slide the boat straight on to a rack or standard roof bars. With its gently rounded hull and sprung fin the boat even be rested on the ground.
Tough – durable materials and minimum moving parts reduce the risk of damage and the need for maintenance and repair, ensuring your GlideSolo is ready to use whenever you need it.
Useable – practical and multi-purpose, the compact shape and durable materials mean the GlideSolo can easily be stored indoors or out all year round.There is space under the seat and on the rear deck for the essentials for longer trips, even lightweight camping gear if you fancy something  a bit more adventurous.
Affordable – get a new single scull for less than you thought was possible.
Available – we can normally deliver direct from stock, so no waiting lists, shipping delays or long searches through the small ads.